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GO High Schools - Get Moving!

The results of this study present important findings on the current situation regarding the practice of physical activities during adolescence. They also raise their share of thoughts related to the quality of the experience lived by the students, particularly in terms of interventions and content offered with the aim of developing their autonomy in the practice of physical activities. In this sense, the avenues for reflection and action proposed in this report aim to support school organizations and stakeholders in making informed choices of actions to take to encourage the practice of physical activities among students.

Scientific validation

  • Professionnal and scientific knowledge

Stage of the process

  • Plan actions
  • Carry out actions
  • Acquire or transfer knowledge

School grades


  • School setting





Personal and social skills

The Montreal Regional Public Health Department and Sport et Loisir de l'île de Montréal, in collaboration with Montreal school boards and the Kino-Québec Research Chair, have set up the GO Project - Secondary School is Active! which aims to identify the actions to be taken to promote the adoption of a physically active lifestyle among young people in public secondary schools in Montreal.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Create a regional portrait of sports, leisure or outdoor activities offered in public secondary schools in Montreal by private and public organizations which will serve as a standard for measuring the offer.
  • Know the facilitating factors as well as the obstacles to practicing physical and sporting activities in high school according to private and public organizations, young people and school stakeholders.
  • Identify actions to support, amplify or develop to encourage the adoption of a physically active lifestyle among young people in secondary school.
  • Prioritize these actions based on institutional and governmental realities and create opportunities for action.
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