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The emotional competence of students in vocational training and their well-being in employment

Do emotional competence and educational success contribute to the psychological well-being of students from vocational training during their transition to employment? Professor Marie-Hélène Véronneau, Ph. D., psychology researcher at the University of Quebec in Montreal, presents a study carried out by her doctoral student Sasha Voyer, with the support of our research team, which aims to answer this question.

For this study, 179 students responded to a questionnaire at the start of training. Around 60% of these students responded to a second questionnaire a few months after the end of their studies. The results highlight the importance of emotional competence in promoting educational success in professional training and psychological well-being at work shortly after the transition to employment. Concrete ideas are offered to people who work in vocational training centers to promote the emotional competence of students.

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